Karma Royal Sanur, Bali, Indonesia


Having a vacation during the pandemic was a dilemma, whether to jump in or postpone? 

Bali had already opened the gate for local tourism (despite strict health protocols and pre-immune tests required prior arrival) and my boys and I desperately needed refreshing. We as parents are fully vaccinated, so decided –  Let’s go to Bali! (By our own car for safety). 

We’re thankful to the Karma Odyssey team in Bali, who granted us the opportunity to stay in a 2 bed-rooms apartment at Karma Royal Sanur. We also visited the amazing Karma Kandara resort with beautiful pools and a lovely beach .

Covid-19 has quite hit Bali’s tourism/businesses, which reflects the closing of several shops, restos and recreation centres. Anyhow, we still had wonderful staycation inside Karma Royal Sanur, especially with the cozy family rooms equipped with a perfect kitchen and comfortable bedrooms; with a daily cleaning service. Not to forget the nice, private pool with a great atmosphere. The ambience of the resort and the friendly staff gave us a memorable experience during Pandemic time and we hope to come back next ‘normal’ time. 
Melianawati Wibowo.

Mrs Wibowo Ng

Karma Group Member since 2000

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