Management Charges 2022

Dear Valued Members,

Time has certainly flown and it seems incredible that a year ago we were in the depths of a pandemic that seemed to have no end. A lot has happened since then with a wide variety of actions being taken by different countries in an effort to protect their citizens and their economies. Indeed, many parts of the world are still in the throes of dealing with fresh outbreaks but the biggest news of all is that the worldwide vaccination program has been hugely successful. Finally, we can see that the worst is over and that good times lie ahead. From Australia to the UK and everywhere in between there is a burgeoning sense of optimism and confidence in renewed international travel – and with that will come the enjoyment of holidaying with friends and family in locations that we have been dreaming of longingly for 18 months or more.

Despite all the troubles, we have been working hard and as promised last year, we are still carrying over a credit from payment of the 2020 Management Charge. This is worth a reduction of 8.75% for those who paid in 2020 and are being billed now for 2022. Furthermore, we have listened to feedback from our Members and are providing a further 12.5% credit for all against any purchase made on-site at one of our resorts during the coming calendar year. Effectively this means that many Members will see a total discount of more than 20% on their Management Charge obligations for 2022. On top of that we are delighted that the savings initiated last year have continued uninterrupted and that the underlying base charge has remained unchanged for the second year running, with no uplift from inflation or other factors.

And now for even better news – we move into 2021 with several new destinations available for your first holiday after lockdown!  In no particular order we now have resorts in Jaisalmer, Udaipur and Nandi Hills in India; Bogor in Indonesia; Vale of Evesham (Shakespeare country) in the UK; Hoi An in Vietnam; and Andalusia in Spain. More details are included in the Members Corner accompanying this message and on our website, so please take a good look and decide where you want to spend a celebratory and well-deserved vacation. All of the new properties plus your old favourites will be open in 2022 and for that we once again thank our amazing resort teams for continuing the much-needed maintenance and security of all properties, even though commercial activities were sadly curtailed at many locations. We are sure you’ll be happy to see the investment that has been made with several upgrades and additions also actioned during the period of closure. We are also still working on the development of new products and services that will make your Karma Odyssey experience even better.

It has been a harrowing period in our lives and one that has altered the world forever but we believe that the fundamentals of enjoyment, holidaying and rejuvenation will never change and that Karma Group is well-positioned to deliver all those things for many years to come.  Last year we predicted that we would all meet again and raise a glass – it has taken longer than expected but that just means the joy of finally doing so will be all the greater.  We say ‘cheers’ to a healthy, fun and brave new world.  

Enjoy it with us!

Yours sincerely,

John Spence
Karma Group Chairman

Congratulations to the winners of the Management Charge Prize Draw (2020 – 2021)! All winners were chosen from among those that paid their Management Charges before the deadline. Winners will also be notified separately by email and by phone.

If you weren’t one of the lucky winners for 2021, don’t fret as once again we’re offering our valued Members the chance to win with our 2022 Annual Management Charge Prize Draw! 

Settle your 2022 Management Charge prior to 30th OCTOBER 2021 to be included in the running for the 2022 prizes.

Click here to view full list of winners


  1. We in Australia are still hoping for January to fly from all states We in NSW top of list for double vaccinated we are concerned at the infection rate in other countries and would like to have notice from Karma which properties are / have been treated with anti COVID treatments

    1. Hi Mrs & Mr Martin, we are pleased to confirm that all of our staff globally, including those in our resorts, have participated in the vaccine program and we can assure you that full protocols are in place across the board to protect all Members & guests visiting our properties!

    1. Hi Mr Burke your suggestion is well-noted, our team are constantly on the lookout for new properties – In the meantime, you can check out our Odyssey External Exchange and affiliate properties!

      1. We really need a couple of resorts here in “down under”. Travelling even between our states has been mostly, problematic. Who knows really, when we’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of being in a group such as this, we all look forward to that of course, but please give us something here in Australia.

  2. Hi Mrs Jones, we’re very sorry that our Australian Members are facing major travel restrictions currently – But we can assure you we are actively looking for potential properties across AU, NZ and other regions!

  3. why is that the list of members who have made payment of the next years management charges are not shown as on 31 st Oct are not shown.
    Also as on 13 Nov of the current year the entire list of winners are not shown on the website.

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