Karma Curated: One-of-a-kind Micro-Adventures

Karma Group has always been more than a mere collection of world class resorts. Membership provides a range of integrated leisure and travel experiences – the Karma lifestyle if you will that inspires such loyalty from our members. We are constantly striving to enrich these experiences year on year – and one of our recent innovations has been the Karma Curated series, which has ramped up considerably this year. From yacht regatta in St Tropez to deep-dives into Goa’s culture & cuisine to exploring Bali’s rural heartlands, we’re bringing our destinations vibrantly to life for members – and we’ll continue to do so over the coming months – so stay tuned! Here are some of the highlights from the past year’s kaleidoscope of experiences.


In May 2023, it was a pleasure to introduce you to the heart and soul of Goa, when we took a fascinating deep dive into the state’s culture, cuisine and colonial history, guided by insiders who shared the many hidden facets of Indian’s southern gem. Further North, we indulged in the rhythms of rural Kumaon, presenting a unique opportunity to experience the magic of this region.


Back in November 2022, acclaimed crossover singer Camilla Kerslake and her rugby legend husband Chris Robshaw hosted a glamorous black tie dinner in aid of their charity foundation at Ranelagh Gardens London. A few months later in March 2023, we invited our Karma Group Members to join us at Karma Salford Hall for a VIP Cheltenham Festival experience. This was followed by a fabulous three day immersion in the renaissance wonders and rustic delights  of Tuscany, including live performances of Puccini & Verdi arias on the grounds of Karma Borgo di Colleoli – plus a visit to the famous Etruscan Museum.


We embraced the spirit of adventure this year as we invited members to join us in scaling the slopes of Bali’s majestic Gunung Agung volcano – no mean feat, but absolutely worth it when you reach the crater to be greeted by a view so beautiful it can bring you to tears. On a more tranquil note, we invited you to join us for a relaxing island-hopping sojourn in the UNESCO World Heritage protected Cham Islands in Vietnam, exploring untouched white sand beaches, coral reefs teeming with fish and deliciously prepared seafood-centric Vietnamese cuisine.

There’s still time to reserve your spot at the upcoming Karma Curated Experience events here.

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