Stairway to Heaven… & Good Health

360 steps. 90 metres of elevation. Tropical heat and humidity. 30 Degree heat & 80% humidity. Welcome to Karma Kandara’s Stairway to Heaven Challenge! On DATE, intrepid competitors including Karma staff, Owners, Members and guests gathered at Karma Beach at the foot of the steps that lead up to Karma Kandara – among them, Karma Group Chairman John Spence’s 14 year old son Columbus. Their mission – to reach step 360 in the shortest time possible. 

Sponsored by Red Bull, the Stairway to Heaven event proved an exciting affair with some incredible performances. Topping the leaderboard was Guest Experience & Operations Manager, Rai Artawan, who clocked a time of just 2 mins 21 secs.  Ed King – Karma Beach Manager – came in an impressive second with a time of 2 mins 42 secs, while Columbus Spence also broke the magic three minute mark at 2 mins 59 secs. 

While it was a great fun event, it was also a reminder of the health benefits stair climbing offers. Climbing steps isn’t just a cardiovascular workout; it’s a holistic boost for your health. This simple yet effective – and let’s be honest, will-sapping activity engages major muscle groups, enhancing strength and endurance, as well as improving lung capacity and circulation, if you do it regularly. Worth thinking about if you live in a bungalow! And of course every time you race up the stairs, you’re burning calories and boosting your metabolism. The natural motion of stair climbing also enhances balance and coordination. 

Next time you’re at Karma Kandara, why not test yourself… and when it gets tough you can always comfort yourself with a reminder that our brand new hill tram is waiting for you at the top to take you back to the beach in style for a refreshing beverage and a cooling dip in the Indian Ocean 🙂

1st placeRai Artawan2 mins 21secs
2nd placeEd King2 mins 42 secs
3rd placeColumbus Spence2 mins 59 secs
4th placeFrederik3 mins 10 secs
5th placeChristophe Fischer3 mins 28secs

Start from 1st stair at the beach behind Le Club 22
Start the race no earlier than 12 noon – 1pm
360 stairs

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