Seven Ways to Wellness With Karma

As we embrace the new year and new beginnings, here are seven simple ways to enhance your fitness and wellbeing whenever you’re with us at Karma…

Seaside Sunset Strolls

Embrace the beauty of Karma’s many stunning coastal locations by committing to daily sunset strolls along the shore – from the Isles of Scilly to Bali and from the shores of Goa to Hoi An – there are a wealth of beaches and coastlines to explore…

Wellness Retreat Bike Tours

Make fitness a sightseeing adventure with guided or solo bike tours through stunning countryside. Discover local villages, urban jungles, rolling countryside, rice terraces, mountains and more while keeping active on two wheels.

Paddleboard Pilates Mastery

Perfect your balance and core strength with Paddleboard Pilates. Discover the serene waters while working on your fitness – the perfect blend of tranquillity and toning.

Beach Yoga and Relaxation

Make the most of our sandy beaches – take some time out from sunbathing and join sunrise/sunset beach yoga sessions for a perfect blend of fitness and relaxation against the soothing backdrop of ocean waves.

Swim and Sip Hydration Challenge

Stay fit and hydrated with a daily swim followed by a refreshing drink. Make it a routine to hit the pool or beach for a swim, ensuring you stay active and replenish with healthful smoothies and juices.

Jungle Gym Safari Workouts

Turn your resort surroundings into your personal fitness playground. Create a Jungle Gym Safari, exploring different workout stations amidst the greenery. Or desert sand dunes, if you happen to be staying at our Golden Camp in Jaisalmer!!

Coconut Bowling Championships

Swap the traditional bowling alley for a sandy beach and coconuts. Challenge fellow Karma Members to a fun and tropical twist on a classic game!

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