Middle Earth in the Heart of Iberia!

This one is for the adventurers, explorers and dare I say questers among our Members! Not to be outdone by New Zealand, Spain recently opened up its very own Lord of the Rings hiking trail – El Camino del Anillo (The Ring Road – see what they did there?!)  which winds through the Northern reaches of the Sierra de Guadarrama in the very heart of the Iberian Peninsula (which is appropriate given it’s supposed to reflect Middle Earth!) 

Stretching for 122 kilometres, it’s a journey divided into eight segments, offering a week-long adventure through lush forests and rugged terrain that should leave you feeling like Frodo and Samwise Gamgee on their mission to Mount Doom (minus the peril and the orcs of course!) Embrace the physical challenge as you conquer steep slopes and winding paths, indulging in a holistic workout amidst nature’s splendour while fulfilling your favourite fantasies. 

The trek takes in the ancient municipality of Horcajuelo de la Sierra and the so-called White Tree of Gondor in Torrelaguna and many other hidden gems that are redolent of Tolkein’s fantasy world. For hardcore enthusiasts, Montejo de la Sierra hosts a Tolkien-themed exhibition, enhancing the journey’s magic.

While independent trekkers can chart their own course, guides and organised packages are available through the El Camino del Anillo foundation. These packages offer not only accommodation but also stargazing and other activities en route, promising an immersive escape into Tolkien’s realm. So pack your bags, don your cloak and grab your wizard’s staff as you embark on a quest where fantasy meets reality and you smash your step count target every single day!

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