Making Fitness Functional

Functional puts the fit back into fitness. What do we mean by that? Well, this increasingly popular workout modality is all about using the body in ways that fit the activities you demand of it day to day. It’s practical, flexible and can be tailored to a wide range of abilities. One of the key principles of Functional Fitness is compound exercise – which simply means exercises that employ different muscles and muscle groups simultaneously. After all, that tends to be how we use our muscles – in concert, not in isolation! Common examples include squats, lunges and dead lifts which mimic everyday actions like pushing, pulling rotation and hingeing. And of course it’s not just muscles you’re using, but joints, tendons and fascia.

Because of Functional Training’s emphasis on keeping things natural, you never use machines – it’s either body weight or sometimes free-weights. Ultimately, Functional Training improves your body’s ability to function as one integrated unit – something which can bring about real improvements in your quality of life – and potentially prolong it too!

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