Five Fun Fitness Fads for Families!

The whole health and fitness thing can get a bit oppressive sometimes. So here we share five novel ways to get your heart rate up – and have some fun with the family while doing it!

Animal Yoga

Channel your inner animal with a fun twist on traditional yoga poses. Mimic the movements of various animals like cats, dogs, frogs, and snakes. Stretch like a cat, hop like a frog, or slither like a snake to engage different muscle groups and improve flexibility.

Hula Hoop Marathon

Grab your hula hoops and challenge yourself and your family to see who can keep it spinning the longest while listening to Slave to the Rhythm by Grace Jones. You’ll tone your core muscles and boost your mood too!

Household Olympics

Transform mundane tasks into a fun fitness challenge by timing yourself and your family members as you race to complete chores like folding laundry, sweeping floors, or making beds. Add creative obstacles and prizes as incentives.

Balloon Volleyball

Set up a makeshift volleyball court using a rope or furniture to mark boundaries and use a balloon as the ball. Up the challenge by playing outside on a windy day. It’s a low-impact way to improve hand-eye coordination and get your heart pumping – especially if the balloon pops.

Just Dance

Turn up the music and have a spontaneous dance party in your living room, backyard, or even while doing household chores. Let loose, get funky or silly or expressive and burn calories while shaking your tails to your favourite tunes.

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