Biohacking for Health

As humankind’s mastery of technology continues to exponentially rise, we’re increasingly finding ways to improve our health through ‘hacks’ that stimulate healthful responses in both mind and body. Over the last few years, a host of treatments have emerged in the Spa and Wellness industry that are often backed by hard science and hold forth the possibility of living not just longer lives but healthier ones too. 

Bio-hacking treatments often use cutting-edge technologies to optimise health and well-being and to improve physical and mental performance. An ever-growing range of innovative treatments is now available, ranging from the cosmetic to the athletic. 

Infrared saunas improve on the traditional sauna by heating your body directly as opposed to the air around you, thus penetrating deeper into the body. In a similar way, LED face visors use light therapy to rejuvenate skin cells, reducing blemishes and potentially improving collagen production. 

Then there are technologies like compression boots – often used by athletes, these can aid in muscle recovery as well as injury recovery, reducing swelling, and enhancing circulation. Cryogenic therapies are like cold plunges for the 21st century, subjecting the body to temperatures ranging from -85 to -140 Celsius and, like compression boots, have been shown to be beneficial for muscle pain and injury as well as conditions like arthritis.

Biohacking often takes traditional practices such as fasting and adds data-driven, science-derived improvements such as intermittent fasting routines with Apps helping you stay on top of customised schedules and even wearable blood sugar sampling devices that allow you to get a better understanding of how your metabolism deals both with fasting and with different kinds of foods. 

Embracing biohacking principles can offer a host of holistic benefits – which is why you’ll find many of them applied at Karma Spa facilities around the world. Why not start by checking out our Infrared Spa and cold plunge at Karma Kandara in Bali?

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