Best Foot Forward

Feet are among the most forgotten organs in the body (yes, they are organs believe it or not!) yet they carry our weight through our entire lives, defying gravity with the simple mechanics of the arch and a myriad bones, tendons and muscles. And what do we do? Well mostly squeeze them into shoes that don’t fit or even deform them! There are ways to support your tootsies though – here are five simple exerecises to give them some love – and support your overall health in the process!

Heel Raises: Stand on a flat surface (the floor, for example!) and lift your heels off the ground, engaging your calf muscles. This exercise not only strengthens your calves but also works wonders for the arches of your feet.

Toe Scrunches: Sit comfortably and place a small object like a towel on the floor. Use your toes to scrunch and lift the object. This exercise targets the muscles in your feet, enhancing their strength. Another alternative is to try picking up marbles or other round objects and place them in a jar. Great for dexterity, flexibility and strength!

Ankle Circles: Lift one foot and gently rotate your ankle in circular motions. This helps improve ankle flexibility and strengthens the muscles that support your feet. It’s worth doing before intense HIIT workouts or runs – or during long flights.

Toe Tapping: While seated, lift your toes and tap them on the floor. This boosts blood circulation, reducing stiffness, and promoting flexibility. Playing music whilst top tapping can elevate the experience considerably!

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