Apples, Acid & Antioxidants

Apple cider vinegar has long been admired as a natural elixir. In recent years, however, centuries of folk wisdom have been backed up by hard science, proving that apple cider vinegar does indeed have a myriad health benefits. This ancient remedy is proving its mettle in modern research, revealing a treasure trove of wellness benefits.

First and foremost is the fact that apple cider vinegar is rich in acetic acid and antioxidants. Acetic acid in particular has been shown in studies to help lower blood sugar levels – an important factor in long term health and making it a potential ally for individuals living with or at risk of developing diabetes – or those simply wanting to regulate their sugar intake. 

When it contains the fabled ‘Mother’ – the beneficial bacteria that are visible as a cloudy substance at the bottom of the bottle – apple cider vinegar aids digestion by promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, potentially alleviating bloating and digestive discomfort. Weight management enthusiasts might find solace in apple cider vinegar’s ability to enhance satiety and reduce cravings, contributing to potential weight loss. Additionally, its antimicrobial properties have shown promise in inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria and supporting a healthy immune system.

In the beauty realm, its application as a toner or hair rinse has also gained popularity in recent times, thanks to its acidity and potential antibacterial properties. Though apple cider vinegar offers an array of health merits, moderation is key due to its acidity – which can also affect teeth. It might be worth drinking it through a straw! Incorporating a diluted version into your daily routine, such as mixing a tablespoon with water, is a prudent approach.

As tradition and science converge, apple cider vinegar stands as a testament to nature’s potential to nurture our well-being. A simple teaspoon of apple cider vinegar a day really could keep the doctor away.


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