Support Through Interaction in Vietnam

Our Karma Group teams in Vietnam continue to carry out inspiring charitable activities, reflecting the strong community connections we enjoy in the country and the commitment to building the confidence and abilities of the young people we work with. March got off to a great start with an extracurricular English learning initiative for disadvantaged children. 

Karma Group employees Ayu, Sam, and Ryan volunteered to accompany the children on a stroll around historic Hoi An, initiating and facilitating conversations with visiting foreign tourists. This interactive approach not only provided the children with valuable English language practice but also fostered cultural exchange and confidence-building experiences.

The next programme takes place on Sunday, 10 March with plans to visit the Rehabilitation Centre for disabled and disadvantaged children in Phu district, Ninh. Supported by Karma Group’s ongoing charity funds, this endeavour aims to bring joy and support to children facing physical and social challenges. The Department of Security and Foreign Affairs of Quang Nam province will also participate, enhancing the impact through additional donations and collaborative efforts.

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  1. It is very nice initiative by karma community to spread happiness on the face of children in vietnam who are deprived in society as well as the socially and physical challenged.
    I am associated with Rotary club of Navi mumbai sunrise in , Maharashtra,India and we are also doing the same way by running child learning centere for approx 180 deprived children and provide basic education, Dress, shoes and mid day meal . We are also providing the learning kits to socially and physically challenged children.

    We want to increase the boundries and capacity of such activity by being associated with karma community and I can be bridge in between karma and Rotary which will give wide branding to karma .

    It is proposed that karma comminity service team should review the proposal and proceed further to have joint project .

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