Opportunities for a Better Future

Around the world Karma Group matches its unique destination experiences with philanthropic partnerships that are all about working with local community organisations to uplift those who lack the opportunities many of us take for granted. Such is the case in Vietnam where Karma works with the Children Hope In Action (CHIA) charity to give young people a better chance at a good life.

Karma launched the Tet Programme in January 2023 to coincide with the Lunar New Year in Vietnam. The programme aims to provide disadvantaged Vietnamese children with a memorable and happy start to the New Year – and ongoing financial support to help them achieve their goals and to enjoy some of the same opportunities as other children who don’t face the same difficult circumstances.

Recognising the additional challenges faced by these children since the outbreak of the Pandemic, Karma Group has been contributing $1,000 per month to support their well-being through the Tet Programme. The main focus is on utilising Karma’s support to purchase Tet gifts for the children, as well as providing important resources throughout 2023.

The team at Karma Song Hoai organises singing and games as part of the programme with numerous individuals offering their support to make the event a success. Recognising the importance of fostering good relations with local and regional government, we have extended a special invitation to prominent figures from the Hoi An area who will be important in ensuring long term support for the children.  All in all the Lunar New Year Tet programme exemplifies the spirit of compassion and generosity that’s at the heart of Karma’s philanthropic endeavours. 

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