One Frame at a Time

Talented Indonesian artist Stanley Arianto is not just concerned with capturing moments; he’s creating a ripple effect of positivity through his philanthropic approach to his artwork. As part of the Karma Kandara Artist in Residence program, Stanley is on a mission to connect art with community. The program strives to achieve two pivotal goals. 

Firstly, Stanley aims to unite talents and magnify their collective impact in empowering and contributing to a better world through non-profit endeavours, particularly through the Karma Cares initiative. Secondly, he aspires to enhance guest experiences at Karma Kandara, providing them with memorable photographic encounters such as photo lessons, portrait sessions, and aesthetically pleasing visuals to cherish forever.

Stanley’s overarching mission is to help others pursue their passions and lead fulfilling lives. In alignment with this, Karma Kandara provides the canvas where his unique perspectives of the world bring joy, inspiration, and a sense of wonder to all who engage with his art.  Initiatives in progress include bringing photography skills to the kids of the Bali Life Foundation, as well as sharing his art with guests and allocating 50% of profits to sustaining the “Artist in Residence” programme.

Additionally, 50% of print sales go towards funding non-profit projects, such as those spearheaded by the Bali Life Foundation through Karma Cares. Stanley Arianto proves that art can be a catalyst for positive change – one frame at a time.

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