Mixing Music, Making a Difference

Guests at Karma Kandara this Summer season will have been lucky enough to hear the expertly blended mixes of DJ Paul Guy – a UK native who’s carved out a career for himself in the Southern hemisphere. Paul has been a high profile DJ for more than three decades, but his journey is about more than just music—it’s a symphony of CDJs, charity and community. His magnetic passion for DJing has seamlessly interwoven with his dedication to philanthropy, leaving an indelible mark on both the dance floors and lives he touches.

Paul’s connection with music runs deep, his soul harmonising with the process of mixing melodies. Beyond the solitary pursuit of music curation and the exhilaration of live performances, he finds joy in uplifting spirits and connecting within his audience through the language of music. Paul’s life is a genuine fusion of beats and benevolence. Despite a successful career in account management and sales in both the UK and Australia, Paul’s heart lies in contributing positively to the world. His journey led him to Bali, where he played pivotal roles in various charitable initiatives.

The tale of Paul’s altruism begins with his meeting a Yayasan (Charity) in the Balinese village of Tampaksiring. This foundation, run by individuals with disabilities for those facing similar challenges, offers homes, community, and empowerment through education. Paul’s management background and willingness to help proved invaluable in supporting the Yayasan’s endeavours. At the same time, his fortuitous encounter with Karma Kandara and Bali’s vibrant music scene magnified his impact. Regularly taking the stage as a DJ, Paul embraced Karma’s musical platform to contribute further to the community.

Paul’s journey has led him to distant corners of the world, nurturing other impactful initiatives. From animal sanctuaries to food programs for children, his generosity transcends borders. In 2021, Paul launched a Patreon fundraising platform, generating around 85 million IDR for small charities – a project that epitomises his spirit of connecting his musical talent with social change. DJ Paul Guy stands as a testament to the fusion of artistry and altruism. His musical notes not only resonate through speakers but also echo in the hearts of those he touches—both through the rhythm of his tunes and the compassionate symphony he conducts for the world.


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