Life Unforgettable Fun Days With Bali Life Foundation

Our experiences as kids shape us – often in ways that remain in our subconscious. That’s why providing positive experiences to disadvantaged young people is so important. Besides practical support, resources and education,  what every kid needs is FUN!

That’s why we’ve added a new initiative to our long standing partnership with Bali Life Foundation, which supports under-served children on the island, from orphans to those from impoverished families. 

Every first Saturday of the month, the kids from Bali Life can now look forward to a day out at Karma Kandara and Karma Jimbaran. The day is built around fun-filled activities like swimming with floaties, engaging games, and tasty treats, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment and reminding the children that they are valued and supported by their community.

These Karma Day Out experiences cultivate positive, long-lasting memories and friendships, instilling a sense of confidence and optimism. Through these heartfelt interactions, Karma Group aims not only to enrich the lives of the Bali Life Foundation children but for all of those involved including the Karma family. Who said making a difference couldn’t be fun?!


  1. Whenever we go to Bali, we give rice boxes to Bali Life children in the Suwung area. Hopefully, one day, we can do this together with Karma. The last time we went there was on Monday 27th May this year.

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