Karma Refuge Christmas Update

In his end of year Chairman’s Session last week, John Spence shared his commitment to further expanding Karma Group’s altruistic programmes around the world, under the capable guidance of new Head of Philanthropy Victoria Williamson. This year, John was honoured with an invitation to join the Europe Board of Directors of Christel House – the children’s charity he has supported for nearly three decades – which will see him providing additional strategic guidance in addition to the support Karma Group provides to Christel House Bangalore in India. Growing Karma Group’s charitable arm means channelling more finances and resources into a range of causes – from educating and empowering young people to responding to real time crises such as the Covid Pandemic and the situation in Ukraine. This long term commitment to giving back is reflected in the ongoing work of Karma Refuge, which is continuing to support those displaced by the war. As well as providing transport and shelter, Karma Refuge is committed to helping families build temporary lives for themselves in France until such time as they can return home.

As we’ve explained in earlier editions, while refugees are provided with accommodation, they are in desperate need of additional resources including food, household supplies and clothing. As such, Victoria, with support from her daughter, has been very busy organising a Christmas Collection, working with neighbours, friends and family to fill a van with supplies including blankets, microwaves and kitchen utensils and driving it from UK to Normandy. According to Victoria, Karma Cares has helped seven families to secure apartments. However, all of these accommodations were empty, Victoria and her team have worked with the families to turn them into homes. Each family was also provided with a €200 supermarket voucher and Christmas presents for their children – as well as some pampering items for mums! In January John Spence will join Victoria in Normandy as they plan a further Karma Refuge fundraising initiative.

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