Karma Cares for Java’s Orphans

Karma Merapi is one of our latest Indonesian resorts, introducing members and guests to the wonders of Yogyakarta – Java’s cultural hub – home to one of Indonesia’s best universities, a rich arts scene and the fabled Hindu temple complex of Borobudur. 

Wherever Karma Group works, we try to give back to the local community – and Karma Merapi is no different. We’re working with Atap Langit – a family-owned orphanage foundation established by Ibu Sri Sumarwati in  1987.  Atap Langit provides educational support  to orphans, empowering them so that they can live independent lives. Over the years, the orphanage has taken care of  hundreds of children, providing shelter and sponsoring education.

Karma Merpai invited children and staff from Atap Langit to join us at the resort for the day with everyone sitting down to some delicious meals, enjoying dance performances and blessing ceremonies. Karma Merapi donated stationery and other school supplies, clothing, linen and soap to the orphanage too – just a small part of the resort’s ongoing commitment to Atap Langit. 47 kids attended the event along with local officials and staff from both Karma Merapi and Atas Langit. 

We look forward to future events and a long and fruitful relationship with this wonderful family run charity.


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