Karma Cares Special Appeal

Many of you will know that Karma Cares supports a wide range of projects around the world – from humanitarian support for those fleeing conflict to charities supporting at-risk children, through to sports, education and relief efforts. But Karma Cares is also committed to supporting our global Karma family whenever we can. Such is the case with Ken May and his family.

Ken has been a friend and supporter of Karma Group for many, many years. He’s a close friend of Karma Group Founder & Chairman John Spence and his son Peter undertook a one year internship with us. So we were devastated to learn that Peter’s wife and Ken’s daughter in law Valerie Barrios had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Valerie herself works in the hospitality industry and is a dynamic, skillful and always positive presence. Valerie and Peter lived in Thailand for a decade pursuing their careers together, before moving back to the US to settle in Austin. The couple have a child together, Isadora. 

Valerie received her diagnosis within just four weeks of arriving back in Austin, Texas from Thailand. Pancreatic cancer is aggressive and following several rounds of chemotherapy, the family are now looking at alternative treatments, integrative medical programmes and early clinical trials that are unfortunately not covered by the family’s insurance.

Time is obviously of the essence and the family are trying to reach a fundraising goal that could help provide the treatments that Valerie needs to make a real difference to her prognosis. If you’re able to offer your support in any way, Ken, Peter and of course Valerie will be hugely grateful – even a small donation could make a huge difference.  You can learn more about the appeal over on their GoFundMe page.

Support Valerie, head over to
her GoFundMe page.

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