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The Karma Group partakes in Goa Humanitarian Helpline Food Distribution Initiative

Last Saturday May 9th, a team of volunteers from our Indian resorts joined the Goa Humanitarian Helpline group to feed over 600 migrants taking refuge locally who have been  deeply impacted by the current health crisis.Goa Humanitarian Helpline is a citizens’ charity organization operated by volunteers. The purpose of the Food Distribution Initiative was to donate and distribute food to these migrants, most of whom typically work in the beach shacks, restaurants and markets around Colva beach. 

Says General Manager, Goa, George Lobo: ‘It was overwhelming to see so many people in need of food and provisions.’

Just some of the items the Karma Group contributed included essentials like rice, pulses, wheat flour, cooking oil, soaps, sugar, onions, potatoes and milk powder.


    1. On behalf of George – A BIG Thanks to you Mr Bernard ! Hope you are looking after yourself and we look forward to seeing you soon at the Karma Group Resorts when all this is over .Cheers #KarmaCommunity #StaySafe #StayHealthy

  1. Great to see Karma involved in this project and helping extremely vulnerable people. Well done!

    1. Good inititative for the people who need it I had heard Karma Goa was caring for people here’s the proof, well Done

    2. Dear Mr Gill ! We thank you for your valued support and encouragement . It’s an integral part of our Karma Group philosophy to respect and actively help the people and places in which we are located. That’s not just because it’s the ‘right’ thing to do; it’s because that’s who and what we are, a company that cares.Cheers #KarmaCommunity #StaySafe #StayHealthy

    1. Dear Mr Grover , We thank you for your kind comment and blessings ! Karma Group’s ethos has always been of bringing enjoyment, opportunities and a sense of generosity and community into everything we do . In our view, giving back is just good karma!Cheers #KarmaCommunity #StaySafe #StayHealthy

  2. Thanks to the staff and the management team by doing an absolute karma deed in the current situation by helping where needed.

    1. The Team who have filled the tummy’s of the needy and taken care of them will surely be blessed by the Almighty God.
      Let the Almighty god cherish their wishes.

    2. The workers in the shacks, the shopkeepers, they all contribute towards making our annual visit to our “second home” so enjoyable. Thank you for helping them

    3. Dear Mr Sagoo , Thank you so much for kind words of appreciation . You will be pleased to know that since its beginning, the Karma Group hospitality has not just been providing unforgettable experiences, top shelf entertainment and inspired vacations, but also worked towards improving the wellbeing of the local communities where Karma Group resorts are located.

  3. Really good and appreciate the karma team volunteers to serve and take initiative in the covoid times

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