Jimbaran Mangrove Clean Up

In celebration of International Earth Day, Karma Resorts and the Bali Hotels Association joined forces with Sungai Watch Indonesia who spearheaded a monumental mangrove clean-up effort in Jimbaran. 13 dedicated volunteers from Karma Resorts rolled up their sleeves and immersed themselves in the vital work of restoring the area’s precious mangrove forests. Mangroves are vital ecosystems, providing protective coastal barriers and habitats for many marine species.

From 8 AM to 3 PM, volunteers tirelessly combed through the mangrove roots, meticulously collecting and removing a staggering three tonnes of discarded plastic waste and debris that had accumulated in the delicate ecosystem. The joint effort showed the power of collaborative action in safeguarding our natural habitats – but also the extent of the plastic crisis besetting Bali.

The collected trash will be transported to Sungai Watch’s station, where it will be thoroughly washed and responsibly recycled, demonstrating the possibilities of circular economies that turn trash into useful materials. 

While this clean-up around Earth Day marked a significant milestone, Sungai Watch Indonesia’s commitment to preserving Bali’s mangroves is an ongoing battle. The organisation hosts weekly clean-ups every Friday, providing opportunities for the local community and volunteers to actively participate in this crucial endeavour.

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