Five Years Of Bali Life Kindergarten

Karma Group has been working with the Bali Life Foundation for nearly two decades now – it’s a collaboration that’s very close to our hearts as over the years we have seen how their work has transformed the lives of disadvantaged children and families on the island. It’s an honour to be able to be a part of this journey and the countless lives that it continues to impact.

Most recently, Bali Life celebrated the five year anniversary of its Daycare & Kindergarten service, which supports parents of children aged between 0-4, with proceeds helping to support the orphanage and support and education for at-risk youngsters. From our side, Karma Group donated sustainable drinks flasks for all the children, for which Bali Life Directors Lyna & Piter Panjaitan expressed their gratitude: “your gift ensures that they have a constant source of hydration and refreshment as they explore, learn, and play in the Bali Life Home…and by choosing environmentally friendly reusable flasks, it also teaches our children the importance of taking care of the world they live in.

Karma Group’s partnership with the Bali Life Foundation also recently resulted in the creation of two important learning centres –  an Art Studio and an Outdoor Kitchen, providing nurturing and empowering environments for the children. The Art Studio encourages the children to explore their artistic talents and express their imaginations, guided by mentors and equipped with quality art supplies.

The Outdoor Kitchen offers the opportunity for culinary exploration and skill development, guided by expert chefs, while also exposing the children to the inner workings of the hospitality industry. Additionally, Karma Kandara has collaborated with Bali Rain Water to ensure a reliable source of clean drinking water for the children and staff.

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