Crafting a Brighter Future

We’ve been working with the Bali Life Foundation for many years now – and while this wonderful organisation is known for the work it does with scores of underprivileged children at its orphanage and community centre, Bali Life also works with some of the mothers, themselves at-risk women, to help them develop the confidence, skills and connections that can lift them out of poverty. The Bali Life Women’s Workshop is a place where these women can come and learn new handicraft and jewellery making skills, creating products sold by the Foundation and earning a wage for themselves so that they can look after themselves and their children. Bali Life is looking to expand the programme, introducing new products that will require new skills training. Bali is famed for the quality of its arts and crafts – and the Bali Life collection is even better since every item comes with a feel-good story attached.


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