Colum-bus for Bali Children

Readers may remember our article back in February 2023 about John Spence and his son Columbus’ visit to the Bali Life Foundation – one of Karma Group’s closest charitable partners in Bali, who provide opportunities and resources to underprivileged children on the island. On the occasion of their visit, John and Columbus surprised the Bali Life family with a donation of USD 30,000 towards the building of some brand new facilities at the Bali Life orphanage, including a creative space for learning and a brand new kitchen. John and Columbus returned to Bali later in the year and were given a tour of the new buildings – which are already being put to good use by the children and staff of Bali Life Foundation. Now, in addition to the donation for the new buildings, Columbus has pledged to provide a much needed minibus to Bali Life Foundation, in order to be able to transport the kids to and from the Bali Life Foundation headquarters and the many places they visit as part of their learning experience. We’re delighted to be able to support this wonderful organisation and the selfless people that make it thrive. And we encourage visitors to Bali to drop by for a visit themselves – we’re always looking for voluntary contributions – be it financial or in kind!

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