Yam Pla Duk Fu – Catfish you’ll love!

Karma Apsara Head Chef Bow returns with a classic Thai snack that’s a firm favourite with locals – especially accompanied with a refreshing beer to offset the heat of the dish!

This crispy catfish and spicy green mango salad is considered to be “Gap Klem” or a snack to share along with a few drinks. An absolute favourite in Thai pubs, this salad has a crispy, zesty, spicy, fresh kick and is best shared with friends.

Grill the catfish, remove all skin and fishbones, and thinly shred the meat. Chef Bow adds a bit of breadcrumbs to the fish for extra crispiness. Deep fry the shredded fish and breadcrumb mix and set on a plate. For the green mango salad, slice the green mango and mix with shallots, red chillies, peanuts, fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, and coriander. The salad will have a balance between the sour mango, spicy chillies, and zesty lime and can be served as a side or on top of the crispy catfish. Tuck in with your friends while enjoying ice cold beers or Thai spirits.


Green Mango salad

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