True Tastes of India

You may remember a few months ago we reported on our Indian Food Challenge, which pitted the talented chefs at our European resorts in a friendly competition as they were invited to prepare an iconic Indian menu as authentically as possible – i.e. capturing the flavours and textures that you would expect to find in India, not in an Indian restaurant in Europe. 

It was a close contest, but in the end chef Joe Peden at Karma Lake of Menteith was the overall winner. Now he and two of his colleagues – Chef Maurizio from Karma Borgo di Colleoli,  Chef Juan from Karma La Herriza and Chef Dario from Karma Bavaria – will all be heading to India to further develop their culinary skills and find new inspiration and recipes on their travels.

They’ll be following in the footsteps of Joseph Antonishek, Karma’s Group Executive Chef – who went on an odyssey across the subcontinent, cooking with our Indian chefs and sampling a wide variety of cuisine, from street food to fine dining. Chef Joseph organised and judged the India Food Challenge and has been one of the main driving forces of this exciting new culinary direction. 

We’ll be checking back in with Joe, Maurizio, Juan and Dario once they’ve returned from their travels to find out what they experienced, the new discoveries they made and how they intend to bring them to bear on the menus at their respective resorts. So keep your eyes peeled – and tell us what you think of our new Indian culinary offerings across our resorts in Europe & the UK!


  1. This is a great idea.It would be satisfying to eat an authentic Indian dish in one of our European resorts.Today at most places in Europe it is disappointing to find an Indian meal which is made to please European palate.-flat in taste without synthetic Indian spices and ingredients.I wish there is something good for the vegetarian.

    1. We agree that we would love to be able to share authentic and delicious Indian food throughout our properties, catering of course to vegetarians! We look forward to showing you the dishes our talented chefs have created

  2. Joe Peden served us wonderful food when we stayed at Lake Monteith last June, it was the best food experience we had on our 9 weeks in the UK.

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