The Quintessential Indian Meal

Indian cuisine is among the most beloved culinary traditions in the world – which is perhaps why newly minted Karma Group Executive Chef Joseph Antonishek has been so captivated by it over the last few months – as reported in last week’s edition of Karma Community. Now he’s bringing another new culinary adventure to tables at his home base of Karma Kandara in Bali – welcome to Thali Nights! 

If we had to pick one thing that is a truly quintessential part of Indian culinary culture, it would have to be Thali. This vibrant and diverse platter distils the rich tapestry of flavours, textures, and aromas that the Indian subcontinent has to offer. A perfect ensemble of various regional dishes served on a single platter, Thali showcases the culinary diversity of India – which is to say, it can contain a wide variety of different dishes and ingredients. That said, a  typical Thali includes dishes such as daal (lentils), sabzi (vegetables), rice, chapati (flatbread), raita (yoghurt with spices), and a selection of chutneys and pickles.

Thali is wonderful precisely because it is so versatile, reflecting the unique culinary identity of different regions within India – from the  spicy and robust flavours of North Indian Thali to the coconut-infused delicacies of South Indian Thali, each variant tells a tale of local traditions and ingredients. Then there is the communal aspect of sharing a Thali with family or friends, which adds a social dimension to the dining experience.

Now Chef Joe brings this icon of India’s gastronomic heritage to Karma Kandara, where each and every Thursday he’ll be serving a unique rendition of Thali based on his recent travels around India and encounters with some of the subcontinent’s most talented chefs and celebrated eateries. Expect delicious and authentic Indian cuisine featuring an array of tantalising flavours – all in the best of company of course!


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