Plants for Pleasure & Planet

Veganuary may be almost behind us, but that’s no reason to abandon plant-based pleasures! Whether you’re herbivorous, omnivorous, flexitarian or even resolutely carnivorous – exploring the myriad taste experiences offered by the plant kingdom yields benefits both for personal health and for the planet – not to mention delighting your taste buds. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed the recipes we’ve shared this month, garnered from our Karma chefs around the world – and we encourage you to check out the amazing vegan and vegetarian fare on offer at our resorts. So to round out Veganuary, we’re sharing some of our vegan and vegetarian menus from our chefs. 

Think crispy samosas with tangy fillings, creamy pumpkin soup with a spicy kick, a heart of palms salad featuring tart green mango and a chilli dressing, a range of superfood salads and bowls. So whether you’re strictly plant based or like to mix it up – Karma has you covered 🙂

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