Pancakes Vietnam Style

Pancakes are a seemingly ubiquitous staple around the world – but of course everywhere they’re done differently. Karma Song Hoai Chef  Le Thanh Tuan returns with his final recipe – and this is one pancake that you definitely will want to try once you’ve seen the ingredients!




Add water to rice flour and slowly stir, continue to mix turmeric and eggs.

Add the oil to the pan, add the prawns and meat to the aromatic mixture, then stir in the flour. Continue to add the bean sprouts and cook on low heat until golden brown

Making fish sauce : Put the fish sauce into the bowl, add 2 tbs of water, add the chili and minced garlic and squeeze the lemon juice

When enjoy, can use rice paper for roll pancake with vegetable, cucumber.


Download the Recipe as PDF


    1. That’s wonderful to read, glad you and your family loved it! Did you add any tasty twists to the recipe?

  1. Some anomalies with this recipe. What does one do with the rice paper as listed? Instructions advise adding water to the rice flour and mixing. The second paragraph also states to add flour to the prawns and meat?? Doesn’t quite make sense.

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