Mouth-Watering Must-Tries

‘Tis the season to be feasting – and as we prepare for our upcoming 12 days of culinary indulgence, what better time to introduce a brand new food series to Karma Community. Each edition, we’ll be tapping up our global cadre of world-class chefs and asking them to share a must-try dish from their menu… it’s a tough ask, but given the sheer variety of deliciousness on offer. First up are Karma Group Exec Chef Joseph Antonishek from Karma Kandara and Chef Tuan from Karma Song Hoai…


At Karma Kandara Exec Chef Joseph’s must-try dish is his signature Butterfish Aburi.  It’s a perfect representation of his love for Japanese culture and cuisine, while at the same time utilising rare ingredients from all over the Indonesian archipelago, all put together in a deft light-touch Mediterranean style, with Japanese flare- not to mention flame, as it is torched just before serving! First he takes sushi grade butterfish, (sometimes called sablefish or black cod) cures it with ancient volcanic salt from West Java, torches it, slices it and piles it high on top of locally grown bangkuang (root vegetable) with matoa (a typical fruit from Papua).  The dish is then lightly dressed with fresh squeezed sugar cane juice blended with coconut vinegar from the nearby town of Tabanan in West Bali.  To finish it off, finely sliced shallots, green chilies and fresh curry leaves are added.  It’s a perfect start to any meal in di Mare Restaurant!


When you visit Karma Song Hoai, you must try the Grilled Fish in Banana Leaves. This is chef Tuan’s premium dish. Hoi An is on the coast, close to the island cluster of Cu Lao Cham, which is home to a rich diversity of seafood, which is brought to shore at Cua Dai De port each morning to be sold fresh at the market. At 5am every morning, chef Tuan will go to Cua Dai port to choose the freshest red tilapia. Back at the resort, chef Tuan cleans the fish himself, using sticky rice wine with high alcohol concentration before starting to process. He uses shredded ginger, salt, pepper, and purple onions to marinate the fish for 5 minutes, then puts it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, before wrapping it in banana leaves and grilling it over charcoal to create the characteristic smoky aroma. This dish is served with chef Tuan’s own sauce made from familiar ingredients such as lemongrass, purple onions, garlic, ginger, chilli and spices, honey, soy sauce, and fish sauce. Once the fish is plated with fried onions, chilli and green onions, it is served with steamed rice. Simply irresistible!

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