Meet Chef Karyasa

With International Chef Day arriving on 20 October, we thought we’d profile some of our culinary creatives in upcoming editions of Karma Community – kicking off with one of our longest standing and most beloved chefs, Karyasa from Karma Jimbaran in Bali…

Where are you from in Bali (region, village, banjar)?

I’m from Banjar Kangin Ungasan in South Kuta, Bali – a very busy area these days!

What is the most famous dish from this region?

The traditional, local food that I grew up with – in particular nasi kalas (rice with spicy sauce), and lawar (traditional spicy salad made with pork).

What is your favourite dish to eat?

Seafood and lawar.

Why did you get into cooking?

Initially it was just for fun and finally I became interested in learning to cook with a chef who was a patient teacher and helped me understand I could turn cooking into a career.

Who or what have been your biggest culinary influences

All the chef influencers are very good and inspiring but the chefs who inspire me the most are Ian Murray and chef Joseph Antonishek.

What three words best describe your approach to cooking?

Cooking is art, science & recreation.

What’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled in the kitchen?

No pranks really – but I did prepare a surprise meal for a colleague on his birthday – which he loved!

What is your favourite dish on your menu?

Tuna salad, grilled octopus, tempeh Balinese curry.

How long have you been with Karma Group?

13 happy years, I joined Karma Group in September 2010.

What do you love about working with Karma Group?

Karma Group is a very large company and exists almost all over the world – but it feels like a big family. All staff work from the heart so it gives the feeling of being at home. So yes, you could say Karma Group is a second home for me and I am proud to be on the Karma Jimbaran team.


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