Martabak (Beef Curry Pancakes)

While the origins of this recipe is from the Middle East and Indian region, Martabak (beef curry pancakes) is also a popular recipe in Indonesia.  According to Rio, our Head Chef at Karma Salak resort, Martabak is best served in the afternoon with tea – here’s his recipe below.


  • 3 pcs (1 portion)
  • 1 kg
  • 3 pcs
  • 100 gr
  • 200 gr
  • 200 gr
  • 100 gr
  • 20 gr (for the sauce)

How to make

  1. Saute the garlic, onion and minced beef then add the curry madras seasoning with salt and pepper. Leave aside.
  2. Mix the beef with the whole egg, snf spring onion to make the filling
  3. Take the spring roll skin and insert the filling mixture into the middle and fold in quarters. Make sure to put the egg wash to the edge off the spring roll skin, so the skin will stick to itself when folding.
  4. Place in the freezer.
  5. Heat pan with oil. Fry the pancake roll in hot oil until it turns golden brown6. Serve with curry paste (you can use the same paste we used for the goat fried rice).

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