Malvani Chicken Curry – by Chef Kundan

Malvani cuisine is typical of the Konkan region – comprising Maharashtra and Goa. Coconut is a commonly used ingredient in most dishes of this region. Malvani Chicken Curry, also known as Malvani kombdi rassa in Maharashtra, is a popular chicken preparation.

Executive Chef Kundan of Karma Royal Haathi Mahal, Goa invites you to try this simple, yet flavourful dish, using his own recipe.



  • Dry roast all whole spices and grated coconut in a frying pan on low flame for 4 (four) minutes.
  • Take the pan off the flame and let cool.
  • Grind the dry-roasted, coconut-spice mix in a grinder, adding water to make a thick paste.
  • In a large saucepan, heat oil and add chopped onions. Cook on a low flame till the onions turn golden-brown.
  • Add the chicken pieces, coconut-spice paste, salt and chilli powder.
  • Cook for about 25 minutes, stirring frequently till the chicken is cooked.
  • Best served with steamed basmati rice.

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