Made in Italy : Childhood Memories

Last week’s feature about Maurizio Valentini, our Executive Chef at Karma Borgo Di Colleoli, was so popular that we continue our ‘Made in Italy’ theme. In this week’s edition Chef Maurizio shares a delicious pasta from his childhood that you can easily prepare at home.

Says Maurizio: ‘‘This recipe is simply about taking some pasta and potatoes, adding some taste of the sea to it and a slight flavour of burned garlic. Even if the flavour of burned garlic is not considered a standard taste is part of my past. It reminds me when my mum was cooking and if she was in a hurry or absent-minded, she would sauté the garlic too much.’ Buono!

Invite your friends and family as this recipe is enough for 6 people!

Pasta with potatoes and my childhood memories


For the finishing


Firstly, clean up the baby squid with care.

Boil the potatoes with their skin. Remove the skin and mix 4 potatoes with a hand blender, adding some salt. You will obtain a uniform and fairly smooth purèe.

Chop the remaining potatoes in cubes.

Separately, prepare a light pesto with basil, 5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, a tablespoon of pine nuts, and salt and pepper.

Meanwhile, in a pan fry with extra virgin olive oil a clove of garlic until it is lightly burned. Remove the clove of garlic from the pan and add the remaining pine nuts. Once the pine nuts have toasted to a pink color, remove from the heat.

In another pan fry a clove of garlic in a little extra virgin olive oil, then remove the garlic and add the baby squid. Cook for a few minutes and blend with a little white wine.

Cook the pasta in a pot with salted water.

As soon as the pasta reaches a very al dente cooking, drain and finish cooking in the pan with the baby squid sautéeing  for a few minutes.

Assemble your masterpiece using a hot soup dish. Let’s prepare a layer with the potato cubes and a few tablespoons of hot potato purée. Put the sauteed pasta with the baby squid on top of this bed, season with the addition of a few drops of burnt garlic oil and toasted pine nuts. We garnish everything with a few drops of pesto and with some flakes of pecorino cheese.

Your dish is served!




  1. That sounds so delicious and following your instructions I`m sure we could achieve that little taste of Italy. Thanks for sharing. xx

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