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Chef Kundan’s famous ‘Curried Red Snapper’ recipe is all yours

Health experts are recommending we eat a mostly anti-inflammatory diet right now to keep our body full of immune-boosting nutrients. This includes adequate protein, fibre, healthy fats, a rainbow of fruit and veggies – and plenty of herbs and spices! Which is why we’re sharing Karma Royal Haathi Mahal‘s Executive Chef Kundan’s famous ‘Curried Red Snapper’. Curries are an Indian staple that vary according to the herbs and spices added, all of which are said to help fight inflammation, and are good for our heart health, digestion, and can help to reduce cholesterol. 

Chef Kundan has been with the Karma Group for over twenty years and has picked up several awards and accolades during his career including ‘Chef of the Year 2014’,  ‘Award Winner for Outstanding Culinary Skills’ by India Hospitality, and the ‘Hall of Fame Award for Distinguished Service’ by the Karma Group. In his words: ‘There’s no better comfort food than a good Indian curry polished off with a piece of Laccha Paratha.’

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