Kids Cuisine : Chunky Monkey Pancakes and 3 Pumpkin Dessert

Previous guests with kids would have no doubt experienced the fun kids cooking classes at our ‘Three Monkey’s Kids Club’. Now, our legendary Chef Joseph from Karma Kandara resort and Chef Bjorn from Karma Bavaria resort share recipes that your kids can easily whip up at home. Teaching the kids to cook is one of the healthiest habits they can learn.

Chunky Monkey Pancakes

About his Chunky Monkey (banana) Pancakes, Chef Joseph explains that his creation is inspired by the local (naughty) monkeys that Bali is so famous for. ‘I wanted to create a happy dish for kids to enjoy. Afterall, happy kids equals happy parents,’ he says.

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3 Pumpkin Dessert

Of his unique pumpkin ice cream with pumpkin seeds and pumpkin meringue, Chef Bjorn says: ‘My passion with food is to make use out of every part of the vegetables. For this dessert, we use every part of the pumpkin including the flesh, seeds and oil in combination with meringue and mint.’

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