Karimeen Pollichathu Recipe

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Karimeen is the green chromide fish, a species belonging to cichlid fish from the freshwater and backwaters in south India. It’s said to be a ‘lip smacking’ delicacy not only for the locals but also for folk in neighbouring states. Various dishes can be prepared with Karimeen and some of the most prominent include Karimeen fry, karimeen molly and Karimeen pollichathu!Indeed, Karimeen pollichathu is considered a standout dish of Kerala, particularly because of  its appearance and the unique way of cooking makes it to stand apart in its preparationz


Step 1 – Marinate the fish pieces & prepare masala mixture

Wash the fish pieces and place in a bowl with lime juice, turmeric, black pepper, Kashmiri red chilli powder and salt. Marinate for 10 minutes.

Heat the coconut oil in a pan over medium flame and add ginger, garlic, onion, tomato, curry leaves and green chillies in this.

Step 2 – Add spices to masala mixture and fry the fish pieces

Put Kashmiri red chilli powder, vinegar, turmeric, salt and black pepper in the pan and mix well. In another pan, fry the fish pieces on both the side for 2 minutes and keep aside.

Step 3 – Seal the fish pieces with masala in banana leaves

Take a banana leaf and pour the fried masala mixture and one fish piece. Top it with the marinade and then seal the leaf with a string like a packet. Do this for all the fish pieces.

Step 4 – Cook the fish packets and serve Karimeen Pollichathu

Heat some coconut oil on tawa over a medium flame and cook the fish packets nicely from both the sides for 10 minutes. Take out on a plate and open the packet. Serve the dish immediately with onions and lime juice.

Side Dish for Karimeen Pollichathu

Onion Salad


How to Prepare:
Cut onions lengthwise and the green chillies into small thin round circles. In a bowl, add the  onions, chilis and vinegar. Toss in the salt and mix it all up well.

P.S. Serve straightaway or the onion will lose water and it will become soggy.


  1. Wonderful recipe Pradosh. In fact an all time favourite. Thank you for the recipe and
    the facts about recent trends in cooking. We were at Karma Chakra in January 2021 and
    we enjoyed every dish that you made for us. All the best. Take care and stay safe..

    1. Thank you for your wonderful feedback, Shobha! We will pass on your comments to Chef Pradosh and we look forward to seeing you at a Karma Group Resort again, soon!

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