Joseph’s Culinary Travel Treasures

As regular readers will know, Karma Group’s resident (and often itinerant!) culinary buccaneer Joseph Antonishek is a lifelong student of the food arts, traversing the globe in search of new techniques, ingredients and combinations to add to his own prodigious repertoire! Karma Group Members will be able to discover these new flavours not only at Karma Kandara where Chef Joseph is based, but at Karma Group resorts around the world thanks to his culinary input across our collection of properties. And for intrepid home chefs, you can also try your hand at some of Chef Joseph’s recipes inspired by his global travels in upcoming editions. But for now, feast your eyes on his brand new lunch menu for Karma Kandara’s destination restaurant di Mare, featuring dishes from North Africa, East & South East Asia…


Cao Lau
A specialty five spiced chewy noodle soup only found in Hoi An.
Made from vegetable ash-soaked rice noodles and sacred water taken from the Ba Le well.
Topped with pork char sui, noodle crackers, and aromatic herbs.


Steamed silky egg custard with clams, dashi, spring onions and ikura.
Please allow 30 minutes of worth=the-wait time.


Kerala Duck Roast
Slow cooked duck in masala spiced coconut milk.
Accompanied with kappa puzhukku, and appam – fermented crispy coconut pancakes.


Hamam Mahshi
Freekeh stuffed pigeons with pistachio nuts, cardamom, and mint.
Commonly served on newlyweds’ honeymoon night!


Banging Frogs
Charcoal grilled, sweet and smokey barbecue glaze, kampot pepper dipping sauce.

Royal Saraman Beef Curry
Coconut, peanuts, lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime, and tamarind, served with steamed rice.

Stir Fried Red Tree Ants & Beef
Australian flank steak, onions, garlic, chilli oyster sauce, with red tree ants, on Chinese betel leaf.


Coconut Gelato Sundae
Imported young Thai coconut, sticky rice, mango, and coconut gelato.

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  1. Cao Lau was wonderful . We have just come back from visiting Vietnam for a month. Lucky to have stayed at Karma Song Haoi for 11 nights.
    Cao Lau is one of our favorites .

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