Italian Tortello : Stuffed Pasta with codfish

We continue our ‘Made in Italy’ series. Executive Chef Maurizio Valentini from Karma Borgo di Colleoli shares a ‘Tortello filled with codfish on sunchoke puree, lime and mint’ – looks so good! 

This recipe serves two people


For the stuffed pasta (tortello):

  • 70 gr.
  • 30 gr.
  • 80 gr.
  • 100 gr.
  • 60 gr.
  • 30 gr.
  • 70 gr.
  • 50 gr.
  • 20 gr.

For the sunchoke purée:

  • 150 gr.
  • 50 gr.
  • (1small)70gr.
  • 20 gr.
  • 50 gr.
  • 30 gr.
  • 30 gr.
  • 30 gr.
  • 10 gr.
  • 200 gr.


For the stuffed pasta

Knead the dough with flour and egg yolks and let it rest for 30 minutes. 

In a frying pan let the finely chopped onion sweat, and only when the onion smell has gone, add extra virgin olive oil. Once the onion is brown, add the cod, potatoes and half the cream.

Leave to cook and then to wither. Transfer the mixture in a mixer equipped with paddle accessory and whip with the rest of the cream. Then put everything in a piping bag.

Roll out the pasta and add the cod filling and shape the tortello as you want.

For the sunchoke purèe

Clean the sunchokes and potatoes and cook in salted water. Once cooked, crush everything, whip the mixture with oil and dilute it with vegetable broth. Leave some lime peel in contact with the hot mixture and cover with foil.

Mint sauce

Blanch the mint for a few seconds and cool immediately with iced water. Blend and pass through a sieve. Thicken the mixture with the help of xanthan gum (optional) and whisk together with oil.

For the finishing

Place the sunchoke puree on the bottom of a serving dish.  Keep warm. Saute the tortelli in butter and spoon on top of the puree. Decorate with dried and fried sunchokes peel. We finish by adding a dash of mint sauce to add colour to the dish. Enjoy!

In Italy codfish arrived by chance after the shipwreck on the Lofoten islands of the Venetian captain Pietro Querini and his crew in 1432. The sailors were rescued by the fishermen of the island of Rost who hosted them for over four months and made them know their gastronomic specialty: the stockfish. Once back in Venice Querini imported the idea of the dried or salted cod that was very welcomed by Venetians who were merchants and travellers who needed long-term supplies.

Thanks to this experience, regional dishes have been created that are still strongly rooted in the Italian tradition, such as cod alla vicentina, which you will find inside the raviolo. The cod is paired with sunchoke with its typical flavor of artichoke but without tannins.

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