Introducing Chef Le Thanh Tuan

As Karma Song Hoai opens its doors to Members, we thought we’d introduce you to the man charged with serving up delectable dishes to you all – his name is Le Thanh Tuan and he’s adept at a whole range of cooking styles from across Vietnam, Asia and the rest of the world…

“I began working with Karma on 01 June 2022 and I’m really excited about the new position. Before this I was Head Chef at Hoi An Trails where I won an Award of Excellence in 2018. But my love of cooking came from my mother – the flavours she created have stayed with me to this day. Since then I’ve learned my craft in many different places over the years, including a three month stint in Japan. One of the most challenging dishes I remember as a trainee was Vietnamese Beef Stew. Today it is one of my favourites – and I’m happy to have been able to add my own twist to this classic dish.

I love to use local ingredients – I grow my own herbs in my garden, including lemongrass, mint and basil. If I had to choose my absolute favourite dish it would have to be stir fry chicken with lemongrass and chilli – you’ll definitely see this on my menu at some point! As for dessert, it has to be coconut pudding with mango jam – it is such an interesting medley of flavours: savoury yet sweet with a touch of salt and that rich creamy coconut flavour. Simply delicious!

Below is another of my favourite dishes that’s healthy, delicious and perfect for the summer weather.

Fresh Green Mango Salad



Slice green mango, carrot, onion and chilli (julienne style)

Combine lemon juice, fish sauce and dissolved sugar (small warm water) together as a dressing

Mix all salad ingredients in a large bowl, add the dressing to taste (adjust as needed)

Garnish with chopped mint and basil


Download the Recipe as PDF


    1. We can’t wait to welcome you in 2023 and hope you love Vietnamese, tasty dishes as much as we do – Let us know if you try this salad recipe!

  1. I’m planning to visit Karma song hoi in 24 October 2022. I’m excited to meet Chef Le Thanh Tuan. I would love to learn some new delicacy of Vietnamese traditional cuisine.

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