High-spirits : Karma Beach Bali

To celebrate the reopening of Karma Beach Bali this weekend, here’s two signature cocktail recipes to try. Even if you can’t get down there right now, join us ‘in spirit’ with one of these summer cocktails –  let’s toast to future travels!

The Gift

45ml Vodka
30ml Blood Orange Puree
15ml Earl Grey Tea Syrup
10ml Fresh Orange Juice
Top with tonic water and pour into a red wine glass

Heavenly Azuza

40ml Whisky
30ml Fresh Grapefruit Juice
15ml Hibiscus and Rosella Syrup
15ml Arak Berry (or White Rum)
15 ml fresh Passionfruit
Shake well and pour into crystal cut old fashioned glass


    1. Dear Mr Sagoo,Thank you for being part of our #KarmaCommunity.We have made note of your request and shall include alcohol free mocktail recipes also as suggested. .Cheers!

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