Health & Nourish – 2 Amazing Jamu Recipes

Jamu is Indonesia’s own plant-based medicine system that dates back centuries and is still used today in culinary, spa and health. Created from roots, barks, flowers, seeds, leaves and fruit, Jamu is a concoction that is often prescribed by indigenous physicians for various ailments. Karma Kandara’s Chef Joseph shares two Jamu recipes around Health and Nourish. These include an immune-boosting Jamu Kunyit Asam Turmeric tonic and a delicious broth ‘Jamu steamed Grouper, Kacang-Panjang, Coconut Butterfly Pea Rice’.

Jamu Kunyit Asam

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Jamu Steamed Grouper

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  1. Hi Janie, Jamu consists of ingredients that are readily available most Asian grocery stores: turmeric root, ginger, tamarind, and filtered water. Don‘t forget to share your home-made delights with us on our social channels. Happy cooking! Cheers

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