Health & Nourish – 2 Amazing Jamu Recipes

Jamu is Indonesia’s own plant-based medicine system that dates back centuries and is still used today in culinary, spa and health. Created from roots, barks, flowers, seeds, leaves and fruit, Jamu is a concoction that is often prescribed by indigenous physicians for various ailments. Karma Kandara’s Chef Joseph shares two Jamu recipes around Health and Nourish. These include an immune-boosting Jamu Kunyit Asam Turmeric tonic and a delicious broth ‘Jamu steamed Grouper, Kacang-Panjang, Coconut Butterfly Pea Rice’.

Jamu Kunyit Asam

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Jamu Steamed Grouper

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  1. Would prefer recipes with ingredients we can actually source. I’m assuming most members cannot get Jamu.

  2. Hi Janie, Jamu consists of ingredients that are readily available most Asian grocery stores: turmeric root, ginger, tamarind, and filtered water. Don‘t forget to share your home-made delights with us on our social channels. Happy cooking! Cheers

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