Epicurean Adventures in the Subcontinent

Four Karma chefs from our Europe resorts recently set out on an enlightening culinary journey to India, in search of new techniques, recipes and inspiration from the subcontinent that will translate into exciting new dishes on the menus at their home resorts. Chefs Dario (Karma Bavaria), Juan Pedro (Karma La Herriza), Maurizio (Karma Borgo di Colleoli) and Joe Peden (Karma Lake of Menteith) visited Karma destinations in India learning about Goan, Keralan and Rajasthani cuisine. 

The primary focus was to gain insight into the organisation and techniques of an authentic Indian kitchen. The four chefs immersed themselves in the intricacies of spice blending, learned the art of tempering and how to achieve the perfect level of heat from chilli and spices. 

They delved into the nuances of essential ingredients like ghee (clarified butter), mastering their distinct purposes, and procured fresh, local ingredients, grasping the foundations of Indian cuisine through recipes like red gravy, onion gravy, and white gravy. Under expert guidance from their colleagues in India, they prepared iconic dishes such as aloo gobi, palak paneer, rogan josh, and butter chicken, each chef having a distinct approach to these classics while retaining the authentic flavours of each dish. 

Beyond replicating recipes, they were able to develop a deeper understanding of how to masterfully combine gravies and spices to create variations on staple dishes. Sampling local fare allowed them to refine their palates, appreciating the intricacies of flavour distribution, spice potency, and heat levels.

This immersive experience marked a pivotal milestone in their culinary journeys, one that they plan to build upon through future visits. Armed with newfound skills and inspiration, Dario, Juan Pedro, Maurizio and Joe are excited for the opportunity to infuse their restaurant menus with the authentic flavours of India. The best part? The new menu is already available at some of our UK and European properties, offering a truly immersive culinary experience!

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