Egyptian Culinary Traditions

Egypt may not have spread around the world in the way that other nearby culinary traditions of the Middle East and Mediterranean have, but that is no reflection of the quality and variety of its foodie offerings. After all, Egypt can trace its cuisine back more than 5000 years. And over recent centuries, it has absorbed influences from its neighbours, adding further layers of flavour well worth savouring. Many of the dishes will be familiar – from shakshuka (eggs poached in spicy tomato sauce) and falafel (known locally as ta’ameya) – but they’re often made with different ingredients and cooking methods.

For example, ta’ameya is made not with chickpeas but with broad beans mixed with parsley, leaks and spring onions. But if you want something truly Egyptian, you must try Molokhiya – a green soup made with diced mallow weeds and either meat or seafood, mixed with coriander, garlic and other spices. Whatever your preference, you’re likely to find something to satisfy your palate in Egypt.



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