Diwali Special : Shahi Tukda

As people around the world come together to celebrate Diwali, we thought we’d feature one of the sweet temptations that is typically  served during the festival – a dish that dates back at least 400 years and is part of the Mughlai culinary tradition and would have been served in the Royal Mughal courts… sweet, comforting and delicious!

  • Serves4
  • Level of cookingEasy



  • Trim the crust and cut each bread slice into triangle shape. Heat pure ghee in a pan and shallow-fry the bread pieces for 40 seconds, turn over and fry until light brown and crisp. Drain on an absorbent paper.
  • Meanwhile, bring milk to boil, reduce heat and simmer for ten minutes, stirring continuously or until the quantity is reduced by half. Add sugar and continue to simmer for five minutes, stirring continuously. Remove from flame and chill it.
  • Place bread pieces on a serving dish, pour chilled reduced milk on top, and garnish it with chopped dry fruits. Serve chilled.

Download the Recipe as PDF

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