Coastal Recipe : Little Tuna

Another appetizing dish from our ‘Made in Italy’ series. Executive Chef Maurizio Valentini from Karma Borgo di Colleoli shares his ‘Little tuna (skipjack) wrapped with rigatoni (cured bacon), celeriac puree, turnip tops, marinated onion in raspberry mustard.

Little Tuna/Skipjack (Euthynnus alletteratus) is a species that frequents both open and coastal waters and is particularly present in the Mediterranean Sea, different from the other more noble species. It has a fusiform shape and is medium-sized, the skin is scales-free and entirely smooth with a metallic blue color that darkens on the back until it becomes black.

Recipe for 2 persons

For the tuna


Clean and fillet the tuna fish in order to obtain rounded fillets that are to be wrapped with the rigatoni (cured bacon).

Clean a white onion and peel it. Place the onion in a vacuum bag topped with the raspberry mustard. Steam for about 6-7 minutes.

Clean, scold celeriac together with potatoes. Mash with oil and if necessary dilute with vegetable broth. Create a smooth and creamy texture using a hand blender.

Scold the cleaned turnip tops, reduce to cream with the addition of some boiled potatoes. Always whip with oil and if necessary dilute with vegetable broth prepared for previous recipes.

Sear the tuna by caramelizing only the outside rigatino (cured bacon).

Assemble the dish by cutting the tuna in small cylinders and garnish it with celeriac cream and cream of turnip tops. Colour the dish with onion petals marinated in raspberry mustard and raspberries. Enjoy!

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