Chocolate Is Good For Your Soul (and so is coffee)!

Who doesn’t need a dose of chocolate in the time of Corona! 

Did you know that the meaning of cacao is ‘food of the Gods’? Makes sense. Especially when you try Karma Kandara’s Chef Joseph’s sublime Chocolate Fondant. 

Created from locally sourced Indonesian ingredients, including 68% Balinese chocolate, candlenut and kopi luwak, this is one of the most divine dessert experiences on the di Mare menu! 

And we’re giving you his secret recipe!  

A little story about the Balinese chocolate used – a rare, single origin chocolate made from cacao beans sustainably sourced in Bali.  In 2013, the team from the famous French Valrhona premium chocolate makers traveled to Bali in search of high quality cocoa beans. In case you didn’t know, the house of Valrhona has been producing the world’s finest chocolate in the village of Tain- l’Hermitage since 1922. 

By chance, they connected with the Kerta Samaya Samaniya cooperative (KSS ). This cooperative works with over 400 local cocoa producers growing world class cocoa beans in the Jembrana region that is known for its abundance of coffee, bananas, rice – and cacao!  

Like a good wine, it’s the soil, climate and weather that contribute to the quality and variety of cacao beans. The Balinese variety of cacao grows on tropical cacao trees amongst the rice fields. The quality of Balinese chocolate is known for its soft velvety notes with hints of bitter fruit. 

Another highlight in this Chocolate Fondant is Kopi Luwak that is used to make the kopi (coffee) ice-cream. This is another rare ingredient, derived from partially digested coffee cherries which have been eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet. It’s considered one of the most  expensive in the world and is produced in Bali, Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi Indonesia.

 The final key ingredient to the Chocolate Fondant dessert is candlenut, also known as the kemiri nut. Indigenous to Indonesia, candlenut is often used as a thickener to balance out the flavors of mixed spices.  In this dish, Chef Joseph uses Candlenut to create a Burnt Candlenut Anglaise, a delicious dessert cream.

Tempted?  Don’t just take it from us. Chef Joseph shares this Chocolate Fondant recipe here (you can replace the Balinese cacao with any other available chocolate, preferably 70% and organic if possible).  Let us know how it goes.

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