Chef Insider : Who Makes the Best Escargot?

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When you want to know who makes the best escargot dish (cooked edible snails) then who better to ask than Chef Joseph of Karma Kandara resort in Bali!  

Says Chef Joseph: ‘Reading about the upcoming National Escargot Day got me craving escargots and in my opinion, the best recipe is the original from Auguste Escoffier “The King of Chefs”.

Who is Chef Escoffier some of you may ask? Escoffier was a notorious French Chef, restaurateur and culinary writer, who became famous for popularising French cooking methods. His talent was translating elaborate French haute cuisine into simple and modern recipes.  He published Le Guide Culinaire, considered one of the ‘bibles’ on French cooking. Indeed, many of his recipes, techniques and approaches are still being used in the best kitchens around the world today. Here’s a link to one of his best-loved recipes, ‘Escargots a la Bourguignonne (Snails in Garlic-Herb Butter). Tres bien!

Escargots à la Bourguignonne (Snails in Garlic–Herb Butter)

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