Buenos Aires To Bavaria

Hailing from Argentina and with Italian heritage, Chef Dario Quinteros is the talented chef who runs the busy kitchen at Karma Bavaria. Since a young age his life has been filled with culinary delights and festive gatherings, guided by the loving hands of his grandmother and mother. The aromas and flavours from those cherished memories ignited a deep passion for the culinary arts within him. He studied at the prestigious Argentine Institute of Gastronomy and has worked in Michelin starred kitchens with celebrated chefs and has more than two decades of culinary experience – all of which he brings to bear in his creations at Karma Bavaria… we took a moment to sit down with Dario to see what makes him tick…

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in central Buenos Aires, land of Tango and Futball!

How did you get into cooking?

My roots are from an Italian family, where the table and the food were the centre of celebrations and meetings. Since I was little I was involved in helping my mother and my grandmother. I was always very curious and restless and I wanted to participate in everything related to the kitchen and the garden.

What/who have been your biggest influences?

Both my mother and my grandmother are great references in terms of delighting our guests at home, but on a professional level I can say that Paul Bocuse and his Cuisine du Marché mark me on a philosophical level, as well as the creative cuisine of Ferran Adria and the Roca brothers. Also A.Ducasse, M. Sanchez Romera and many others, the list would be endless.

What is your first food memory?

I remember watching my grandmother making fresh pasta early in the morning, tasting the filling for the ravioli and the “Sugo alla Napoletana” and dipping bread straight from the pot and receiving a scolding from her!

What are your plans for Karma Bavaria foodwise?

My heartfelt desire is for guests to experience a sense of belonging, as if they have stepped into a cherished home. Every dish we prepare is crafted with boundless love and unwavering passion, using simple yet exquisite ingredients. With an absence of pretence and a touch of modern whimsy, I aspire to create an enchanting dining experience that ignites the flames of romance and captivates the senses.

What are the best things about Bavarian ingredients?

For me Bavarian cuisine gives a lot of importance to local and regional products. With a focus on supporting nearby producers, the region takes pride in using locally sourced ingredients like farm-fresh pork, potatoes from nearby fields, artisanal cheeses, and cabbage harvested from local farms, also freshwater fish from the lakes. By prioritizing these regional treasures, Bavarian cuisine creates an authentic and sustainable culinary experience deeply rooted in the local terroir.

Describe your approach to cooking in three words

Simple – Tasty – Passionate

What dish do you always return to?

A simple homemade pasta with fresh tomato and basil

Why should we eat at Karmasee restaurant?

Experience Karmasee restaurant’s delicious cuisine with quality ingredients, passionate chefs, attentive service, and a diverse menu, including Indian dishes. Our seasonal menu offers regional products and there’s also a more informal option from our Street Food menu.


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