Bravo : Italian Flavours

Is there anybody in the world who doesn’t love Italian cuisine? Italian food is officially the most popular in the world (yes, there have been studies) and with good reason. Rich in olive oils and vegetables, real Italian food is usually made without any processed or artificial ingredients and is inexpensive and easy to prepare. 

With this in mind, make sure you book in for one of our Italian cooking classes with Chef Maurizio Valentini when you next stay with us at Karma Borgo di Colleoli resort. Learn from the best about regional dishes, local ingredients and wines. 

Until then, Bonappetit Magazine has curated a plethora of both classic and innovative Italian dishes you can easily create at home. From the ultimate Caprese Salad and Potato Gnocchi and how to make the best pasta dough, why not pair your dish with a Tuscan wine. 

Here are 48 recipes presented by Bonappetit Magazine, that in their words may well inspire us to ‘quit our jobs, move to Tuscany and drink Chianti all day’!


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